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About Panemparts
Panemparts GmbH sells parts for self-propelled and towed agricultural machinery under its own brand Panemparts. We also support customers from all over the world in buying new and used agricultural machinery in Europe and the US.

Introducing Panemparts: Your Source for Premium Spare Parts

At Panemparts, we specialize in offering top-quality spare parts for John Deere and Claas agricultural machinery and equipment. We understand the challenges our customers face, and we're here to solve them.

The Price Challenge: Affordable Solutions

Are you tired of dealing with exorbitant prices for original John Deere parts? Look no further. Panemparts offers prices that are 25% lower than your dealership's price list. We believe that high-quality shouldn't come with a high price tag.

The Quality Dilemma: Unmatched Excellence

Panemparts is proud to provide a quality that rivals the best in the market, all while maintaining competitive prices. Our parts and components come with a generous 6-month warranty, giving you peace of mind.

We've Solved Your Problems

Our mission is simple: to bring together the highest quality offerings under one trusted name. Say goodbye to endless searches – we've got the entire range you need, and it's priced just right.

Experience the Panemparts Advantage

Competitive Pricing: 25% cheaper than your John Deere dealership's prices.

Unmatched Quality: 6-month warranty on all John Deere parts and components.

Choose Panemparts for reliability, affordability, and quality that sets the standard. Join our satisfied customers who have already made us their go-to source for premium spare parts.